Friday, June 5, 2015

The new edition of soul in the new edition of diary .khaleelshamras

In this second you entered the new edition of time.
Not only the time but you inner soul is also updated now.
So your new edition of soul is entering to the new edition of time
In each seconds.
Remember every thing is updated now.
All the bad thoughts of your soul are removed.
All your problems are solved.
If some thing exits now
That is not an obstacle,
But that is a way to success.
You got some major firmware updates for your life.
So live happily with your newly updated fresh soul
In this new edition of time.
Think cool.     .....
Live happily.....
Do the good to mankind.
Enjoy your life.

നിന്റെ സ്വയം സംസാരം മന്ത്രങ്ങൾ .my diary.khaleelshamras

നിന്റെ ഓരോ ചിന്തകളാവുന്ന സ്വയം സംസാരവും ഒരു മന്ത്രമാണ്. മാറിമറിയുന്ന വികാരങ്ങളായി ഫലം ലഭിക്കുന്ന മന്ത്രങ്ങൾ.