Mission 70.my personalised health mission.khaleelshamras

Today my body weight is 71.5.
So close to my target 70. I have left 3.5 more months to achieve my mission.
Mission 70 tips.
You must take one day leave from your workouts.most of the lazy people's become happy on that day and weight for that day to come. Those who are too much interested in workouts will not be that much interested on that day.so it will be good for them to do some less strain full exercises like yoga or thaichi on that day.
One complete day of fruits and non cooked vegetable is a good option.i am planning to practice it on next Sunday(if God wills).
Most of our national food habits are based on oils .even our nation is having a lot of vegetable based diets we are having a lesser life span than most of other nations.so we must reduce intake of too much curries.sweets.and vadas etc.all of them are based on oil.
Don't worry.
I will not stop this mission and research even I approach my 70 kg target. I already planned two programs for future.(if God almighty wills) next is to my ideal body weight.then to be on ideal body weight.

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