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Peace to soul

If u are having an enemy in your mind actually you are burning your soul.if you are loving all you are creating ever lasting peace in your are not having time to make enemies but you are having time to make friends.time to spread love to all in order to make them happy and make your soul peaceful forever.


Make entry into your job with the minds of a tourist.
Fullfill your duty and get the satisfactions.
Enjoy the same satisfaction whenever you observed the beauty of a garden
Or a valley.
Never involve in talks or thoughts hating your boss, company or Co staffs.
It will not harm them but it will harm you.
Destroys your inner peace.
Whatever you do now is your life
So give full concentrations into it.
All the best for your tour to the
Shores of your job.

Empty basket

You are still on journey carrieing the empty basket of time on hands.
Millions of things are waiting for you in the valley .
You can take whatever you want and fill into your basket.
They are waiting for you.
One side there is hill of jewels
But each jewel is wrapped in an ugly cover.
Jewels of truth and knowledge.
On the other side there is wrong and laziness but wrapped in some beautiful covers.
But whenever you open it
The bad smell of failure will spread throughout your life.
Live to fill your empty basket
Only with good things and knowledge.


You welcomes each new moment of life to fullfill your new wishes and the same time you gifts another new book written by you to the greatest library of your memories .you can reread each book whenever you wills. Try to write your masterpiece in this living doing all the good deeds, spreading peace. ........


All the words , which you hear from outside will not be melodies.
Some words can hurts you.
But you are having the all freedom to reject or accept these words to enter your inner world.
So give entrance only those words which maintained your inner peace.
Otherwise you concert irritating words to a boosting energy to learn something.