reality of a complaint. dr khaleeshamras ,,,living as a doctor

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a patient came to me and asked. 'hay doctor are you changed your mobile?"
i replayed no yaar i never change mobile frequently .changing frequently is a foolishness.
again he asked "are you using an android phone or ios"
i replayed >'i use both"
i wanted to stop the discussion and concentrate on his healthy matters.but he again started asking are you still buying things online.?"
i replayed yes.
then he discussed his health problems in between the discussion and i prescribed him some medications and went out from my consulting room.
soon after reaching to public .he shouted to the crowd."that doctor always discuss about mobiles and other things.
and some from crowd took it and spread to society.after making so many alterations news spreads from ears to ears.
but in reality it was a discussion started by the patient itself.even as a doctor i was not at all interested to discuss such things to patients.

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